“Even if you can’t sing well, sing. Sing to yourself. Sing in the privacy of your home. But sing.” Nachman of Breslov

The arts offer paths of exploration: about our history, our people, our culture, and, of greatest importance, ourselves.   Enjoy the fun and learning as you share a range of art experiences with your grandchildren and family members.

Explore more about the importance of the arts.

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Still Life Tells Moving Stories — A Grandparent-Grandchild Photography Experience

Combine the memory-power of objects and the ease of photography for you and your B-Mitzvah grandchild to share parts of yourselves.

Grandchildren as Inventors: Creating a Maker Space

Create a maker space in your home to spark your grandchild’s imagination and creativity.

Creative Art with Your Grandchild: Embrace the Temporary

Ways to do creative — yet temporary — art with your grandchild.

Taking Photos—Telling Stories

Sometimes the key to taking great photographs is changing the way you think.

Dance with Your Grandchildren

Every day can be a celebration with dance as part of your life.

Tabletop Drumming for Jewish Singing

Table-top drumming is a grassroots, spontaneous Jewish artform.

The Wonderful World of Shadow Puppetry

Shadows captivate all ages and shadow puppetry is easy and fun for grandparents and grandchildren to create and act out together.

Bang, Clang, Stomp: Creative Fun with Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) visits with the Broadway performers of STOMP in a delightful video that will inspire lots of creative fun between grandparents and grandchildren, in person or on-screen.

Create a Bezalel Door Sign

Make a beautiful sign for your door – Bezalel style! The chalutzim (early Israeli pioneers) believed that Israel should have a national art style that reflected the diversity of Jewish immigrants to the land.

Sing and Dance with the Jewish Museum

Enjoy a diverse range of music on the Museum’s YouTube channel inspired by Jewish holidays, nature, works of art, social justice, and more. Gather instruments at home

Spring into Creativity with the Jewish Museum

Get creative together! With your grandchild, choose your own adventure from the art activities below and try them together in person or virtually.

Puppet It Up

Save those holey old socks—they’re great for making simple puppets; old gloves and mittens will also work. It doesn’t matter whether the eyes are symmetrical or the nose is missing.

Miriam’s Dance Party: A Passover Project

Art plays an important role in Judaism. Artisans are mentioned in the Torah in relation to making beautiful textiles and ritual objects of precious stones and metals for the Tabernacle and Temple.

Folk Art: Micrography

Micrography is a centuries-old Jewish art form using tiny written words to make decorative pictures. A highly skilled micrography artist might write the entire biblical book of Jonah in the shape of a whale or the book of Esther in the shape of a crown.

Explore, Bond, Create: The Power of Art

Art has the role in education of helping children become themselves instead of more like everyone else,” notes early-childhood educator and author Sydney Gurewitz Clemens.