Celebrations & Holidays

This is the day that God has made—let us exult and rejoice on it. Psalms, 118:24


Celebrations and holidays are the exclamation points of our lives. On birthdays, we recognize the joy that family members and friends have brought us. On Thanksgiving, we reflect on our blessings. On Passover we recount the wondrous Exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Weddings invite us to rejoice in the potential of the future. Let’s fill our celebrations and holidays with greater meaning and purpose so that we can enrich our lives with deeper connections and enduring memories.


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Teshuvah Secret Handshake

Make up a secret handshake for the High Holidays.  The Hebrew word teshuvah is built on the Hebrew root letters that mean “returning.” Teshuvah means you get a second chance. Try this secret handshake to say “I’m sorry” or to give someone a second chance….

A Palace in Time

How can we make the Sabbath a “palace in time” for our families?  Filmmaker and author Tiffany Shlain has a proposal.  Watch her video HERE. "Sabbath has a flavor of Paradise about it." Talmud, Berakhot “The seventh day is like a palace in time with...

Memorial Day: Living the Values

Observing Memorial Day with your grandchildren can be both meaningful and fun. Memorial Day Mitzvah Zikaron—“remembrance”— is an important part of our Jewish tradition. We remember the miracle of the oil when we celebrate Hannukah. On Passover, we remember we were slaves in Egypt and…

The Meaning of Celebrations and Holidays

Celebrations and holidays mark our lives with flashing indicators: These are the big ideas that matter to us, these are the people with whom we want to explore and experience them, and these are the rituals we use to give them meaning. When we put…