“Almost all creativity involves purposeful play.” Abraham Maslow


Children love games. When we play with children we give what they want most: our full attention. From Clue to the dreidel game to Minecraft, on Zoom or at the kitchen table, games are more than a way of engaging. They teach children a range of skills, including focus, patience, problem-solving, teamwork, healthy competition, and the ability to accept loss with maturity and perspective.


Games also sharpen our own aging brains and promise fun for all. Like games, arts and crafts projects are a way to bond, nurture creativity, and explore Jewish stories and symbols. These activities serve children well on their paths to adulthood and as citizens of the world.


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Play with Purpose: How Play Nurtures Growth & Deepens Relationships with Grandchildren

Are you looking for activities to make the most of your precious summertime with your even more precious grandchildren? We’ve got you covered!

Grandparenting from Afar: Connecting with Your Grandchildren When You Live at a Distance

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Exciting Imaginary Play with Your Grandchild

6 ways to engage your grandchild in fun and creative imaginary play.

Watching Encanto with Your Grandchildren

Draw universal values from the movie Encanto to prompt meaningful discussions with your grandchild.

How to Code with Your Grandchild

Collaborate with your grandchild to program real stories and games.

What Kids Are Watching

Kids are driven by two motivating factors when choosing what to watch—who they’re watching with and how they’re feeling in the moment.

Your Teen Grandchild: 5 Ways to Connect in Their World

The best way to connect with teens is to dive into their world through a lens of curiosity.

Creating a Play-and-Stay Space for Your Grandchild

Designating a special place in your home just for your grandchild says that you love spending time with them and want to share their interests.

Adding Learning to Play

Explore ways to add learning to your grandchild’s play and exercise your grandchild’s imagination. Best of all, you don’t need to be a teacher or an expert.

Tips for Using Zoom with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents depend on video conferencing to chat with grandchildren. Yet grandkids can quickly lose interest if we don’t engage and entertain them.

Minecraft 101 for Grandparents and Family Members

What are those blocky images on your grandchild’s computer and digital device? Erik Leitner, an education STEM and Computer Science instructional facilitator and a Global Minecraft Mentor, introduces you to the world of Minecraft and explains how grandparents and grandchildren can use this video game to create, build, and explore together.

Gaming 101 for Grandparents and Family Members

Our grandkids love to play Minecraft and Roblox—what keeps them engaged all those many hours? Todd Harris, a gamer and entrepreneur who has been leading video game and esports businesses for 15 years, introduces grandparents and family members to the digital gaming world of tweens and teens.

Games That Don’t Get Old

Grandparents can give children the gift of joyful, freewheeling play, where there is one essential goal: to have fun. We can introduce them to the games that kept us occupied for hours when we were children.

The Benefits of Playful Learning

Imagine a child and caregiver playing together with blocks on the floor. The child places a block and the caregiver neatly stacks another block on top.