Supporting Grandparents in Today’s Jewish Families

The Jewish Grandparents Network is the first and only national organization supporting grandparents as they embrace both traditional and radically new roles in their families. Through research, network-building, advocacy, and institutional partnerships, we foster new models of grandparent engagement for the benefit of our families, our communities, and our future.

co-founder Lee-Hendler

Welcome from Lee M. Hendler, Co-Founder and President of the Jewish Grandparents Network

These were not the families we imagined when we first set out on our parenting journeys over 40 years ago…


The National Study of Jewish Grandparents

To deepen our understanding of today’s Jewish grandparents we undertook a landmark research study. Click below to learn about the study and its findings.

Featured Stories

Ten Minute Virtual Dayenu Seder

Passover begins on the evening of April 8, 2020. Truly this night will be different from all other nights. We are all struggling with our changed lives. We need to give ourselves permission to do what we can. In that spirit, the Jewish Grandparents Network…

Passover 2020: Planning Your Online Seder

The Jewish Grandparents Network, Seder2020 & partner to support families and friends to organize online Seders.   Step One: Choose a Video Conferencing Site by clicking HERE Need More Help? Facetime Skype WhatsApp WebEx Zoom Step Two: Plan Your Online Seder Click HERE to access the Seder…

Online Resources for Passover 2020

We are pleased to share these Passover 2020 online resources.  Our thanks to the wonderful organizations who provide richness and meaning to our holidays.  We invite you to share additional resources either by responding to this post or by emailing What is Passover? 18…

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