Empowering Grandparents: Advancing Jewish Life

The Jewish Grandparents Network engages, educates and celebrates grandparents so that they can fulfill their essential roles in elevating families as the cornerstone of Jewish life.

co-founder Lee-Hendler

Welcome from Lee M. Hendler, Co-Founder and President of the Jewish Grandparents Network

These were not the families we imagined when we first set out on our parenting journeys over 40 years ago…

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Featured Stories

Learning From Challenges, Past and Present

The eminent psychologist Marshall Duke speaks of our “intergenerational sense of self,” in which the family narratives of our past gird our psyche with the emotional resilience to face challenges and difficulties. By sharing with our children and grandchildren our families’ and our own stories—of…

The COVID-19  Crisis: A Catalyst for Change

As vaccinations advance and new COVID-19 cases diminish, we can begin to look beyond the difficulties and heartbreaks of these past months to imagine brighter times ahead. Through our research and conversations with grandparenting experts, and grandparents and their family members across the country, we…

Gram and Groucho

When I was age eight my maternal grandfather Max, passed away. My grandmother Bessie, known as “Gram”, moved into our two-bedroom apartment in a Bronx city housing authority building. She and my grandfather, immigrants from Romania and Russia, came to America in the early 1900’s seeking…

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