Cooking & Food

There can be no joy without food and drink.
Talmud, Mo’ed Katan

Steaming matzah ball soup; sweet noodle kugel; a bagel with a schmear; flaky, savory bourekas. Foods link us to our family history, to our Jewish traditions, and, perhaps greatest of all, to each other. Our family recipes tell stories and create memories. We invite you to share your recipes and stories as you cook and bake with your grandchildren and family members.

Explore more about the benefits of cooking and baking with children.

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Create Your Own Family Cookbook

Looking to make a family cookbook?  Click HERE. A bit about our own family background: Bubbie Ida Paperny, Ron’s maternal grandmother, lived in the kitchen. Seriously. She also loved in the kitchen. She loved when her four daughters helped her cook up a huge family…

Tastiest July 4th Recipes

Juicy burgers and summery lemon pasta salad. Ice-cream floats and homemade raspberry syrup. And, to top it all, dark chocolate cherry Mandelbrot for dessert. Prepare the yummiest July 4th meal with these simple family recipes courtesy of the cooking and lifestyle blogger and food historian…

Cooking with Your Grandchildren

Cut strawberries with your grandchild and they are likely to alternate between placing one in the bowl and one in their mouth. Crack an egg together and you’ll probably get shell in the batter. Hand your grandchild a whisk and together try to keep the…