Spring into Creativity with the Jewish Museum

3-8, 9-12

Get creative together! With your grandchild, choose your own adventure from the art activities below and try them together in person or virtually. Take your materials outside on a warmer day and create an outdoor studio.

Examine striking paintings, sculpture, Judaica, and media in the Jewish Museum’s collection through these step-by-step projects in printable PDFs. After discussing the questions and looking closely, create your own works of art inspired by what you discover.

Discuss with your grandchild the aspects of the art-making you each enjoyed most. Think of other ways to explore similar subjects or themes with the art materials and check back to share your creations.


At-Home Art Project – Still Life

Arrange a springtime still life together using colorful drawing materials or paint.

Explore more:

  • Take a nature walk together or separately and share what you find to incorporate into your still life.
  • Notice the colors and shapes you encounter on your walk; make a list in a sketchbook.
  • When selecting objects for your still life, think about the stories you may share with your grandchild about these objects as you paint.

Click HERE for instructions!


At-Home Art Project – Painted Portrait in Place 

Examine the work of Lee Krasner and, using paint or drawing materials, create portraits together at home or in nature. 

Explore more: 

  • Go to the Museum’s website and see other portraits in the collection and discuss how they are similar or different to the Krasner portrait. 
  • Share with each other why you choose a particular background for your portrait and the importance of the place or objects surrounding you. 

Click HERE for instructions!


At-Home Art Project – Abstract Stamp Print 

Gather fun objects together to stamp a printed work of art inspired by the work of Eva Hesse. 

Explore more:

  • How might you create another stamped print by sharing each other’s stamps? Or, virtually, how might you get ideas from each other to create new stamps? 
  • Think about creating a playful pattern with your stamps on a larger sheet of paper and wrap a gift for your grandchildren with the handprinted paper. 

Click HERE for instructions!


At-Home Art Project – Tape Drawing 

Discover ways to draw with tape and design abstract patterns inspired by the art of Sol LeWitt.  

Explore more:

  • How might you work together and create tape patterns on the floor or create a tape city to explore with toys? 
  • Try making an abstract design with lines and shapes by taking turns drawing connected lines and shapes on one piece of paper. 

Click HERE for instructions!


At-Home Art Project – Mixed-Media Power Pose 

Explore the work of Kehinde Wiley and develop a mixed-media portrait using drawing and collage. 

Explore more:

  • Inspired by the animals featured in Kehinde Wiley’s portrait, think about an animal that could represent each of you. Talk about the qualities of that animal such as fast, fierce, gentle, soft. Create a colorful drawing of the animal you choose. 
  • Print out a picture in black and white of yourselves. Using colored pencil or marker overlap patterns on parts of your body. How may those patterns express more about you? 

Click HERE for instructions!