Dance with Your Grandchildren


“Dance is the heartbeat of life,” says Carla Perlo, master dance educator. “The more we dance, the more alive we are.”

Our grandchildren who are physically able naturally move and jump and dance. We can join them!

In these three videos Carla provides an easy dance experience for grandparents and grandchildren ages 2–6. With a warm-up, easy choreographed steps that anyone can do, and a lovely Jewish connection, you can create dance experiences to explore with your entire family.

We suggest you view the videos in order, then try them with your grandchild on three different occasions. Take note of the props Carla suggests. Each video is ten minutes or less. You can learn the dances together with your grandchild in person or, if you are separated by distance, each have the video open on your screen and learn the steps at the same time. Then improvise! Make up your own dances. Let your grandchild take the lead. There are no rules!

Every day can be a celebration with dance as part of your life.

In the first video, explore all about us, our bodies, and seven days in the week through dance. Includes a section on Shabbat at the end.

Watch Carla’s video to learn dance #1. 



In the second video, explore freedom and a perfect world through dance. Includes a section on Passover at the beginning.


Watch Carla’s video to learn dance #2. 



In the third video, explore Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World). Includes a focus on small actions families can do to make the world a better place.


Watch Carla’s video to learn dance #3. 



Carla Perlo has made a lifetime commitment to the fields of dance, youth education, and community revitalization through the arts. She is co-founder of Dance Place in Washington, DC and for thirty-seven years served as its visionary Founding Director. In August 2017, Carla transitioned to Founding Director Emerita. Carla also consults for dance companies, independent artists, and non-profit organizations.