Sing and Dance with the Jewish Museum


Enjoy a diverse range of music on the Museum’s YouTube channel inspired by Jewish holidays, nature, works of art, social justice, and more. Gather instruments at home—from a box of macaroni to a tambourine—and dance and sing together. While listening to the performances, have paper and pencil/markers/crayons ready to draw images or shapes, colors, and lines inspired by the music. Share and talk about your artwork after experiencing the concerts.

Freedom Music Jam 


Listen to an uplifting celebration of community and connection with a family concert festival inspired by the Passover holiday and featuring notable musicians. The performances include pop, Latin, soul, blues, hip-hop, and folk tunes that speak about freedom, hope, unity, empowerment, fighting injustice, and accepting differences, along with other holiday-related themes.

Nefesh Mountain Concert


Enjoy the toe-tapping sounds of Nefesh Mountain, led by singer Doni Zasloff and her multi-instrumentalist husband Eric Lindberg. Dance to a vibrant blend of bluegrass, Celtic, and Appalachian tunes with a Jewish soul.  

Joanie Leeds in Concert


Dance to the catchy and empowering tunes of Grammy winner Joanie Leeds as she performs All The Ladies, her 2020 release focusing on gender equality, female empowerment, and breaking glass ceilings.

The Pop Ups in Concert


Experience the pop grooves and creative energy of the Grammy-nominated band The Pop Ups as they imagine spending a “Night in the Jewish Museum” exploring the art and singing songs inspired by what they discover.  

David Weinstone in Concert


Groove to the original rockin’ sounds of David Weinstone, founder of Music for Aardvarks classes, as he shares his ever-popular tunes including “Grammy in Miami” and “Taxi!”