Reading Room

My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.
Abraham Lincoln

Reading with our grandchildren offers a shared journey into worlds of learning, joy, and adventure. When you read together, wherever you are, you will experience what numerous research studies have demonstrated: reading to and with your grandchildren deepens your bonds with them and strengthens their social, emotional, and character development. The Jewish Grandparents Network, in partnership with the Association of Jewish Libraries, welcomes you to the Reading Room.

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Jewish Grandparents Network Bookshop

Discover great books to buy at the Jewish Grandparents Network Bookshop.

Children’s Books and Disability: Looking in the Mirror

For disabled children, books featuring other disabled people — mirrors — where kids see and read about people similar to them helps them identify with the characters and can play a role in boosting self-image. These books convey the positive message that there are many children like them.

Sandcastle Secrets

Have you ever built a sandcastle that got washed away by a wave? How did you feel when you saw it fall? What secrets can we learn from a sandcastle?

Reading Nooks

Any activity that strengthens the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren instills the Jewish value of chaveirut. Through our interactions, we teach our grandchildren how to interact with others

100 Best Jewish Children’s Books…And How to Read Them to Children

There is great joy in reading to our grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and other young family members. But what books should we choose?

Reading with Your Grandchildren

Do you remember reading to your children? When you were a child, do you remember an adult reading to you?