Child drawing

Jewish Folk Art: Micrography

Fun with Kids
Ages 9+

Micrography, a Jewish art form using tiny written words to make decorative pictures, is hundreds of years old. A really skilled micrography artist might write the entire biblical book of Jonah in the shape of a whale or the book of Esther in the shape of a crown.

Invite your grandchild to draw a simple picture in pencil and write a list of ten to twenty words associated with that picture. They might associate house, for example, with the words bedroom, kitchen, television, love, and the names of family members, or a picture in the shape of a dreidel with the words Hanukkah, latkes, gelt, oil, menorah, family, and presents. In very small print have them write the words on the outline of the picture or fill in the outline with the words on their list. Words can be repeated or written in different sizes or colors. Explore more about micrography HERE