Minecraft 101 for Grandparents and Family Members

Play and Humor

What are those blocky images on your grandchild’s computer and digital device? Chances are your grandkids are playing Minecraft, the most popular video game of all time with over 238,000,000 downloads.

Erik Leitner, an education STEM and Computer Science instructional facilitator and a Global Minecraft Mentor, introduces you to the world of Minecraft and explains how grandparents and grandchildren can use this video game to create, build, and explore together.

Watch this video to learn why kids love Minecraft and how they seek to thrive in this block-based universe.



You can participate with your grandchild in playing Minecraft — without knowing how to play yourself! — by assigning and collaborating on creative tasks. Our example: building a Jewish home.

Watch this video to learn about Minecraft by collaborating with your grandchildren.