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Play and Humor

Can your grandchild’s viewing choices reveal their mood? Do they want company or alone time? Are they looking for stimulation or tranquility? A 2021 study called “Kids and the Screen: Changing the Channel” uncovers some interesting facts about what kids between the ages of two and twelve are watching and with whom:     

  • 79% of kids watch as a way of spending time with family and friends. The top two sites for shared viewing are Netflix (61%) and Disney (53%). Two-thirds of US kids also watch traditional TV with family, especially lighthearted competition shows like The Masked Singer and America’s Got Talent.
  • 72% of kids watch so they can enjoy alone time. YouTube is the favored platform for solo viewing (75%), especially gaming and music videos, and is usually watched on a portable device (78%).

“Kids and the Screen” found that when kids want to feel energized, they look for dynamic content, including humor (60%) and excitement (47%).

They like characters with cool powers (29%), who save the day and beat the bad guys. Shows like PAW Patrol, Teen Titans Go!, Raya and the Last Dragon, and PJ Masks fit the bill. These shows often appeal to families too.

Kids looking to wind up may also seek out aspirational content—talented characters (24%) leading fabulous lives. YouTube favorites include Justin Bieber, Olivia Rodrigo, JoJo Siwa, and Kids Diana Show.

When kids want to wind down and de-stress, they look for familiar content (76%), background sound (66%), or shows to watch before bed (41%). Alternative shows featuring funny or weird characters or universes are popular for their silliness (28%), while familiar shows are appealing for their humor (60%) and family themes (25%).

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