“Hello! My (Grandparent) Name Is…” Program Guide

This class is designed to help adult participants navigate the transition into a new stage of life — grandparenting — as they address a practical question: What do I want my grandparent name to be?  

The experience is ideal for expectant grandparents who are in the midst of a changing family dynamic. People who are already grandparents and might want to rename themselves with more intention — or even just explore their current name — would also enjoy participating.

In this 90-minute session, participants will: 

  • Reflect on the relationships they had with their own grandparents (or other close elders in their lives) and think about the kind of relationships they want to have with their grandchildren.  
  • Choose a grandparent name (or a few options) that feels true to them while also recognizing that they might need to be flexible.  
  • Consider how to have a conversation with their adult children about the transition to grandparenthood, specifically about their new grandparent name.  

The 13-page guide includes: 

  • Timing, materials, and room set-up 
  • A full script for leading the session 
  • Jewish framing including simple text study 
  • An Appendix with four handouts 

Click HERE to download the Conscious Grandparenting program guide. 

Banner photograph courtesy of Unsplash