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Grandparents are your community’s superpower — essential organizational and family influencers. Want to connect with them? The Jewish Grandparents Network can help!

The Jewish Grandparents Network envisions a Jewish world that embraces grandparents as vital to our families, our communities, and our future.

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Why JGN?

Grandparents R’ Us: JGN is the only organization in the Jewish community that focuses solely on grandparents as essential members of today’s changing intergenerational families. 

We Know Grandparents: Through quantitative and qualitative research and learned experience, JGN has developed a unique understanding of the needs, interests, and aspirations of today’s grandparents.  

We Have Exceptional Content: Over the past six years, JGN has developed a broad array of quality content and resources targeted for grandparents, their families, and the organizations that seek to engage them. 

We Listen: JGN’s model of engagement with communities and organizations is iterative — collaboratively we work with communities and organizations to develop strategies and initiatives targeted to their constituents. 

We Collaborate: JGN works with a broad array of creative partners — experts in their fields — to broaden and enhance the content and resources we can bring to communities and organizations. And we share generously.  

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Meet Avery Markel, Director of Community Engagement

Avery Markel,
Director of Community Engagement,

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