Hanukkah Discovery Kit


This interactive guide is designed especially for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 3–8) to use together — either in person or at a distance.

The kit offers ideas and activities to bring Hanukkah to life through play, imagination, and hands-on discovery.

The 15 downloadable pages include:

  • Background and rituals for grandparents
  • Hanukkah story using paper puppetry (“Hanukkah Box Puppet Theater”)
  • Meaningful STEAM projects (“Menorah Maker Challenge”)
  • Food and cooking ideas (“Root Vegetable Latke Fry”)
  • Fun movement activities (“Dance the Dreidel”)
  • Jewish values exploration (“Be a Maccabee — Create Your Superhero Characters”)

Click HERE for the Hanukkah Discovery Kit.

Photographic Credit
Photograph by Stephanie Fink