Conscious Grandparenting: A 3-Session Course for Grandparents


Conscious Grandparenting is a unique approach to grandparenting, and leadership adapted by the Jewish Grandparents Network, recognizing that grandparents are often the leaders in their own families. 

The core of Conscious Leadership:, on which Conscious Grandparenting is based, is a consultancy founded by Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman that offers a new way to understand ourselves, our relationship to others, and the world around us. It invites us to take ownership and responsibility for how we’re leading from moment to moment and offers pathways for shifting from drama, defensiveness, and reactivity to presence, acceptance, and collaboration. 

In this three-session course, participants will: 

  • Develop an understanding of their own role as a leader in their family. 
  • Explore ways to enrich and strengthen their relationships with their children and  
  • grandchildren. 
  • Reflect on the impact of their words and actions on their children and  
  • grandchildren. 
  • Connect the concepts of conscious leadership to Jewish wisdom 

The 29-page guide includes: 

  • Timing, materials, and room set-up 
  • Background to Conscious Leadership for the facilitator 
  • A full script for leading the course 
  • Jewish framing including simple text study 
  • An Appendix with five handouts 

Click HERE to download the Conscious Grandparenting program guide. 

Banner photograph courtesy of Canva