8 Ways to Make Chanukah Your Own

We know the basics of celebrating Chanukah. We say blessings while lighting the candles, eat something fried, then spin a dreidel. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we get to open presents.

Chanukah’s simplicity is what makes it beautiful. There are so many ways to make the holiday our own. Haggadot.com can help you discover eight rituals, centered around eight themes of Chanukah, so that your family can celebrate in a way that’s personal and meaningful.


Spinning dreidel


1. Or (Light)

However dark it seems, the glowing Chanukah candles give us hope for brighter days. With just a few household items, you can bring light to the whole neighborhood.

Click HERE for a DIY Outdoor Menorah Kit.


2. Cherut (Freedom)

Having the freedom to choose an expression of Judaism that feels most authentic to us is key to celebrating Chanukah.

Click HERE to create and download a customized ritual booklet for your family including reciting the Chanukah blessings.


3. Chanukah (Dedication)

Chanukah, which means dedication, is a perfect time to reflect and set your in intentions.

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4. Nedivut (Generosity)

With neighbors in need, we can skip a night of gift-giving and instead focus on sharing with those who have less than us.

Click HERE to explore generosity and tzedakah with these Ideas for Giving: Kids Edition.


5. Ge’ulah (Liberation)

Just as the Maccabees liberated themselves from religious oppression, Chanukah is an opportunity to find your own sense of liberation.

Click HERE for a Guided Writing Meditation.


6. Nisim (Miracles)

During Chanukah we celebrate the miracle of the oil by eating lots of fried foods.

Click HERE to go beyond the latkes with a Chanukah Cookbook full of tasty treats.


7. Emunah (Faith)

In the classic Chanukah story, our Maccabee ancestors continued to believe, even when all seemed lost. Connect to the stories of your more recent ancestors with a creative family history experience.

Click HERE for the Heirloom Circle.


8. Tzedek (Justice)

Add a new intention to choosing light and justice each of the eight nights.

Click HERE for This Chanukah, Choose Light.


Discover even more Chanukah ideas on the Haggadot.com website. https://customandcraft.org/chanukah!

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Photographic Credits
Candle-lighting photograph by Stephanie Fink
Dreidel photograph courtesy of Pexels.com