Hosting an Inclusive Seder: A Guide for Grandparents


At your seder, you will likely host a diverse group of guests — family and friends, neighbors, in-laws, even last-minute visitors — who may be of different religions, races, identities, cultures, and with a wide range of Jewish backgrounds. In this guide you will find ways to create a memorable and loving Passover, led with a spirit of innovation and inclusion, melding your memories of past seders with your hopes for the future. 

Today, many of our families are multigenerational, multicultural, and multiracial. The purpose of this guide is to provide ideas that motivate you to think broadly about possibilities for inclusion at your own seder. 

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Developed in partnership with 18Doors, the seven-page Hosting an Inclusive Seder includes:  

  • How to prepare so that everyone feels welcome (invitation wording, choosing a Haggadah, guest seating, whether to use Hebrew)
  • Suggested seder rituals that embrace other religions and traditions 
  • Discussion and activity ideas (“Pass the Egg”; “Signs of Spring”) 
  • Ways questions can flow from Mah Nishtanah 
  • How singing helps us be free 

The guide also includes original, short readings by the author Rabbi April Davis. 

See, too, the Ten-Minute Dayenu Seder, a perfect haggadah for a multi-faith, multi-generational seder.

You know your family and guests best. Let your relationship with them, and the traditions, rituals, and experiences you each carry with you, guide you in creating a Passover experience that will be comfortable and welcoming — and enrich the seder experience for all.