Water Ceremonies for Becoming a Grandparent

Whether you became a grandparent yesterday or years ago, it is likely that much has changed — including your own role in the family, your relationship with the parents of your grandchild, and your view of your place in the world and your legacy. These rituals, developed by Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh, are a way to celebrate your status as a grandparent and affirm your place in the generations. 

For the first two ceremonies, all you need is a cup or vessel that holds meaning for you (for example, a Kiddush cup, heirloom goblet, or cup from your own wedding), filled with tap water, a large attractive bowl, and a hand towel. While it is helpful to perform the ceremony in a quiet, uninterrupted space, you can take part wherever you are most comfortable. 

The third ceremony — immersion — will take place in a mikveh (ritual bath). 

Celebrating Grandparenthood Water-Pouring Ceremony 

This ritual is for those who want to affirm and celebrate their status (new or long established) as a grandparent. It can be done in the space of your choice. 

Click HERE for the ceremony. 

Intergenerational Water-Pouring Ceremony  

This ritual is conducted with a grandparent, child, and grandchild and celebrates the role of each generation within the family. It can be done in the space of the family’s choice.  

Click HERE for the ceremony. 

Celebrating Grandparenthood Immersion Ceremony  

This ritual uses full body immersion in a mikveh (Jewish ritual bath) or a natural body of water, to celebrate and affirm the grandparent experience and status. To find a local community mikveh: https://www.mayyimhayyim.org/risingtide/ 

Click HERE for the ceremony. 

Water Ritual Immersion Ceremony Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters
Water Ritual Ceremony Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters

Photographs courtesy of Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters