Together, Let’s Save Precious Resources


On Hanukkah we commemorate a miracle; today we find ourselves in need of one. As grandparents, we think about the world we are leaving our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We face the challenges of climate change and the dwindling of precious natural resources. How can we impart to our grandchildren a commitment to repairing the world even as we spin the dreidel, light the menorah, and perhaps exchange modest gifts?

As we fry latkes and munch jelly donuts, we remember the miracle of Hanukkah when one small vial of oil lasted for eight days. In our time, it is up to us to preserve the limited resources that sustain us. We are faced with an urgent need to pull back from the consumption that has led to climate change and imperils our planet.

In what ways can we partner with our grandchildren, family members, and communities to reuse, recycle, and cut back on the things we consume? Without waiting for divine intervention, how long can we stretch a bottle (or tank-full) of oil, a sheaf of drawing paper? What can we mend or donate rather than throw away? This holiday offers a glowing opportunity for grandparents to join in discussions and maybe a family challenge or two.

Let’s lead the way through our actions, to rejoice in and honor the miracle of the earth we have inherited and which our grandchildren will inherit from us.

8 Ways to Heal Our Planet – One for each day of Hanukkah

Here are eight ways to heal our planet — a guide to actions that promote conservation during the holiday and in the year ahead.

  • Day One: Walk one mile instead of driving.
  • Day Two: Turn the thermostat down two degrees.
  • Day Three: Identify three different organizations that are working to save our planet. Discuss with your grandchildren and family members and agree to make a donation to at least one of them.
  • Day Four: Bring four bags of used clothing to Goodwill or another donation site.
  • Day Five: Invest in five reusable food storage bags or containers.
  • Day Six: Turn off six lights.
  • Day Seven: Recycle seven bottles or cans.
  • Day Eight: Make a list of eight activities to conserve and recycle with your grandchildren and family members over the next year.