Tell Family Stories Your Way!

Family Stories

Sharing your family stories links past generations with future ones. Here are four options to record and save your family stories.

1. Pop-up Stories:

The Jewish Grandparents Network invites grandparents and other family members to share brief family stories on the “Pop Up Stories” page on our website.

2. Story Aperture:

Presented by the Jewish Women’s Archive, Story Aperture encourages people to “share the stories of everyday Jewish women.” Access the Story Aperture site.

3. StoryCorps App:

The StoryCorps app “guides users through the interview experience from start to finish with easy-to-use tools to help them prepare interview questions, record high-quality conversations on mobile devices, and upload the audio….”


This new web platform makes it easy for you to tell and share life’s stories through short videos—one question at a time. Pick questions from a library of 750+ questions or create your own.