Preserve your Treasured Family Recipes


From Michael Solomonov’s brisket to a great-grandmother’s stuffed cabbage, the Jewish Food Society has over 900 family recipes and stories from all around the world on their global family recipe archive. There you can find beloved Jewish foods that tell the stories of how Jewish people live and love, how they celebrate and mourn, and how they eat.

Click HERE to find the global family recipe archive.

Family recipes capture a snapshot of who we are as individuals and a people, of where we come from and where we are now. The Jewish Food Society wants to gather those recipes and the stories that go along with them.

If you have a special family recipe you want to preserve, protect, and share with the world, please submit it for consideration to be featured on Jewish Food Society’s digital recipe archive. People of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds are invited to participate.

Click HERE to submit your family recipe.

Now, more than ever, we believe in the urgency of documenting our culinary heritage for future generations.

The Jewish Food Society is a new non-profit organization that works to preserve, celebrate, and revitalize Jewish culinary heritage. Through community events and a vibrant digital recipe archive, they aim to provide a deeper connection to Jewish life.

Photograph by Penny De Los Santos for Jewish Food Society