Home Composting 101


Composting transforms your food and garden waste into soil; it’s a natural form of recycling. It helps reduce landfill waste, actively combats climate change, promotes biodiversity, and helps a garden flourish — and it’s easier than you think. 

Elan Margulies, Director at Pushing the Envelope Farm, Geneva, IL, presents different types of composting and how to build healthy compost — whether you live in the city or suburbs. 

Grandchildren will love it—especially the worm compost bin!

Click HERE to print out a composting supplies list. 

Watch Elan’s video about home composting.



Elan Margulies aims to inspire joy and reverence for the natural world by introducing participants to earth-based Jewish traditions and natural wonders right outside their door. He has a master’s degree in forest ecology, worked as the director of education for Hazon, and is currently the director at Pushing the Envelope Farm. In his free time, Elan enjoys finding wild edibles and working with wood and metal. Before the pandemic he walked over 3,000 miles from Portugal on his way to Jerusalem.