Delights of Traveling with Grandchildren


When I think about grandparent-grandchild travel, it is in the context of my own experience. At the age of 16, my grandparents took me on my first trip to Israel. That trip, over fifty years ago, nurtured a lifelong love of Israel, opened my eyes to the delights and mysteries of travel, and, perhaps most important of all, deepened my already profound love for my grandparents. 

Traveling with our grandchildren offers so many opportunities. We introduce them to new cultures, foods, music, and beliefs. They witness the profound beauty of our planet and the remarkable accomplishments of artists, musicians, architects, builders, chefs, and so many other creative people. Through travel, grandchildren and family members experience awe and wonder, and can witness the divine all around us. They meet the citizens of other cities or countries. And we, as travel companions, get to share in those moments. 

When we travel with our grandchildren, we reveal new sides of ourselves and allow them to do the same. And through the travel experiences and shared time, we nurture and deepen the unique grandparent-grandchild relationship. 

Of course, as anyone knows who has waited in long lines for security screening, lost their luggage, or picked up an unpleasant bug, traveling isn’t always pleasant and wholly joyful. Yet these travel challenges can also be opportunities for personal growth and relationship building. How you handle a delayed flight can share an important lesson with your grandchildren and family members.

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Being a grandparent is an incredible journey. Travel can offer profound discovery. Imagine opportunities that bring them together. 

David Raphael is CEO and Co-founder of the Jewish Grandparents Network