Our Favorite Rosh Hashanah Recipes


With rich flavors from pomegranate to saffron, these Tori Avey recipes with videos offer tasty turns on traditional favorites. A memorable tzimmes has never been easier, a Persian Jewish side dish is a fragrant and savory complement, and the challah is a sweet surprise.  Every food tells a story, and Avey’s website ToriAvey.com explores what we eat and why.

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Rosh Hashanah Sangria
Said to have a seed for every mitzvah, pomegranates are symbolic in Judaism – and a delicious component of this holiday sangria. L’chaim!
Stovetop Tzimmes
No one needs to know how easy it was to whip up this robust tzimmes with dried apples and cranberries.
Apple Honey Challah
This apple-stuffed challah will deliver a surprising (but not cloying) note of added sweetness to the traditional Rosh Hashanah loaf.
Pomegranate Molasses Brisket
Marinated and slow-cooked, this is a rich new twist on a holiday staple; yum.
Green Bean, Beet, and Pistachio Salad
You can’t go wrong with roasted beets and toasted pistachios. Date honey delivers a touch of New Year sweetness.
Saffron Rice
A Persian recipe that offers a counterpoint for a menu that tilts toward sweet, this dish is easy to prepare for a large group. (Invest in high-quality saffron).
Date Glazed Orange Chicken
Hot sauce, fresh navel oranges, and date honey syrup make this chicken a glistening addition to the menu.
Rosh Hashanah Apple Honey Cupcakes (includes craft element)
Crowned with dried apple slices, these fruity delights can deliver extra fun: have the kids decorate them with homemade paper cutouts.
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