The Role of Grandparents in Their Grandchildren’s
B-Mitzvah Experience

With the support of a Covenant Foundation Signature Grant, the Jewish Grandparents Network (JGN) is reimagining grandparents’ role in their grandchildren’s B-Mitzvah experience.

If you are a rabbi, educator, spiritual leader, philanthropist, grandparent, or parent, you too might be reimagining the B-Mitzvah experience today: What does the teen want? What is meaningful for my family? What is right for my community?

JGN held a two-afternoon virtual symposium in May 2022. Jewish spiritual leaders, educators, ritualists, grandparents, and teens from across the country explored expansively how to transform grandparents’ roles in their grandchildren’s B-Mitzvah.

This report documents the key findings and recommendations from the symposium.

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Mitzvah Project Partners — Grandchildren and Grandparents

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B-Mitzvah for All: Creating Accessible, Inclusive, and Meaningful Experiences for Teens of All Abilities

Steps for clergy and educators to imagine what is possible for the B-Mitzvah teen with disabilities.

Still Life Tells Moving Stories — A Grandparent-Grandchild Photography Experience

Combine the memory-power of objects and the ease of photography for you and your B-Mitzvah grandchild to share parts of yourselves.

Grandparents’ Role in Their Grandchildren’s B-Mitzvah Experience

JGN held a two-afternoon virtual symposium in May 2022 in which Jewish spiritual leaders, educators, ritualists, grandparents, and teens from across the country explored expansively how to transform grandparents’ roles in their grandchildren’s B-Mitzvah. The report below documents key findings and recommendations from the symposium….

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A Grandmother’s Reflection: Making the B-Mitzvah Journey with My Grandchildren

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For Teens: How You Can Interview Your Grandparents

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