Empowering Grandparents: Advancing Jewish Life

The Jewish Grandparents Network engages, educates and celebrates grandparents so that they can fulfill their essential roles in elevating families as the cornerstone of Jewish life.

co-founder Lee-Hendler

Welcome from Lee M. Hendler, Co-Founder and President of the Jewish Grandparents Network

These were not the families we imagined when we first set out on our parenting journeys over 40 years ago…


The National Study of Jewish Grandparents

To deepen our understanding of today’s Jewish grandparents we undertook a landmark research study. Click below to learn about the study and its findings.

Featured Stories

At a Good Hour: Awaiting a Grandchild in 2020

Six years ago, the blueberries were still green in New Hampshire when I was awaiting the birth of my first grandchild. I remember wondering which would pop first: the blueberries or my daughter-in-law. In Judaism, upon hearing of a pregnant woman, a traditional response is…

A Note from Lee & David

The Covid19 crisis has impacted us and everybody we know.  For grandparents, this has meant unexpected isolation from our families and the heartache that goes with it.  Grandparents have told us that being kept apart from their grandchildren has created a visceral sense of pain. …

Chesed and Gevura

26th of Nissan in the Year of the Corona Virus As a grandparent of four, I often wonder about my unique role in sharing with my grandchildren the beauty and brilliance of Judaism. What are Jewish values and why do they matter? What makes them…

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