Marshall Duke

Stronger, More Resilient Children Through Family Stories


How can grandparents and parents help our children weather life’s inevitable setbacks? It turns out that the single most important thing you can do may be the simplest of all: share your family stories.

Click HERE to listen to this brief audio recording of Dr. Marshall Duke discussing the importance of sharing family stories.

Dr. Duke presents to Emory University alumni an hour-long video on his and Dr. Robyn Fivush’s research into telling family stories.

Watch this video to see Dr. Duke’s presentation.



Click HERE to read Bruce Feiler’s New York Times article about Marshall Duke

Marshall Duke is Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology at Emory University and a core faculty member of the Emory Center for the Study of Myth and Ritual in American Life. He is the author of numerous books including Teaching Your Child the Language of Social Success and Starting Kids Off Right: How to Raise Confident Children Who Can Make Friends and Build Healthy Relationships