The Torah of Bubbiehood


This bubbie has universal wisdom that could change your approach to everyday life. We invite you to watch this wonderful Eli Talk by Jane Shapiro.

Discover a personal account of Jane’s three Jewish values of Bubbiehood and their impact on family life:

    1. Tzimtzum (contraction): The overpowering love we feel for our grandchildren yet the realization we need to step back and allow our adult children to parent in their own way.
    2. Z’man kadosh (sacred time): Why it is important (and often hard) to designate time and to be fully present with our grandchildren.
    3. Sippur (storytelling): How our stories create an arc of time that can impart wisdom and link generations.

Jane’s reflections will impact your perspective — and bring joy to your heart.  

Click HERE to view the video.

This ELI talk was sponsored by The Covenant Foundation.

Dr. Jane Shapiro is a founder of Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning where she teaches a variety of classes and workshops blending text study with other intentional practices. She has degrees from Princeton and the Jewish Theological Seminary. In 2017 Jane was honored to receive the Educators Award from the Covenant Foundation. Her ELI talk on The Torah of Bubbiehood seems to make people cry. She is the proud mother of four sons and Bubbie of five boys.