Behind the Scenes at the Jewish Grandparents Network


In this personal interview, David Raphael, Co-founder and CEO of the Jewish Grandparents Network, and Ilene Vogelstein, President, reveal:

  • The compelling reasons that the Jewish Grandparents Network was created.
  • How the voices of many Jewish grandparents have been sidelined in Jewish institutional life — and how that’s changing.
  • What grandparents are most afraid of in their families.
  • The role of adult children (parents of the grandchildren) in the grandparent-grandchild relationship.
  • What JGN does to support the 64% of grandparents [1] who want their grandchildren to have a strong connection to Judaism.
  • What it means that grandparents have a wingspan of at least five generations.

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[1] JGN National Study of Grandparents 2019

Banner image courtesy of Unsplash