Passover 2020 begins the evening of April 8. We wish you and all of your love ones a happy, health and safe Passover.  Learn how to organize an online seder and find out about great resources.  Send your Passover stories and essays to: and to post your thoughts, reflections, ideas, and recipes on our Passover Forum.

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Ten Minute Virtual Dayenu Seder

Passover begins on the evening of March 27, 2021 Once again, this night will truly be different from all other nights. We are pleased to offer the updated “Ten Minute Dayenu Virtual Seder” designed for multi-generational families to use on the shared video platform of…

Passover 2020: Planning Your Online Seder

The Jewish Grandparents Network, Seder2020 & partner to support families and friends to organize online Seders.   Step One: Choose a Video Conferencing Site by clicking HERE Need More Help? Facetime Skype WhatsApp WebEx Zoom Step Two: Plan Your Online Seder Click HERE to access the Seder…

Online Resources for Passover 2020

We are pleased to share these Passover 2020 online resources.  Our thanks to the wonderful organizations who provide richness and meaning to our holidays.  We invite you to share additional resources either by responding to this post or by emailing What is Passover? 18…

How Different Will This Night Be: 10 Tips for Your Virtual Seder

The greatest gathering of the Jewish year is nearly upon us and this year, the Passover Seder will be celebrated like no other. Mah Nishtanah Ha-Leila Ha-Zeh, indeed! Most translations of this famous line from the Seder portray it as a question: “Why is this night different…