Grandparents: A Hidden Treasure in Plain Sight

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As the Jewish Grandparents Network celebrates its fifth anniversary, we invite you to join our community as we educate, connect, and support grandparents as essential partners in enriching Jewish life. 


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Partner with us in reaching for our vision of a Jewish world that embraces grandparents as vital to our families, our communities, and our future.  

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The Jewish Grandparents Network’s calendar is rich with a wide array of webinars, live presentations, intimate conversations, and resources on a broad range of topics for grandparents, grandchildren, and their families. 

Program Sponsorship Opportunities 

  • Program Series Sponsorship: $7,500 
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Family Room Destination Sites:  

The Family Room is a unique virtual space where Judaism and Jewish life come alive through experiences, adventures, and activities. Ten destinations are filled with creative activities and resources. 

*Family Room Destination Sponsorship Opportunity: $12,000 per year.  

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