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Jewish Grandparents Network

The Jewish Grandparents Network engages, educates, and celebrates grandparents as an essential influence in Jewish family life. We welcome grandparents from all backgrounds and traditions and embrace the diversity of today’s Jewish families.

The Family Room

Explore the Family Room, a one-of-a-kind virtual space where grandparents, grandchildren, and family members meet, learn, and play together.

How to Talk with Your Grandchild about Becoming B-Mitzvah

3 strategies for having significant pre- and post- B-Mitzvah conversations with your grandchild

Still Life Tells Moving Stories — A Grandparent-Grandchild Photography Experience

Combine the memory-power of objects and the ease of photography for you and your B-Mitzvah grandchild to share parts of yourselves.

Writing a Forever Letter as Your Grandchild Becomes B-Mitzvah

Your grandchild’s becoming B-Mitzvah is the perfect time to share your love and appreciation in a Forever Letter.

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Join over a thousand other Jewish grandparents in the JGN Facebook Group who share grandparenting tips, kvell about how brilliant our grandchildren are, and learn from one another to enrich our own family lives.