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As grandparents, we think about the world we are leaving our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We face the challenges of climate change and the dwindling of precious natural resources. How can we impart to our grandchildren a commitment to repairing the world even as we spin the dreidel, light the menorah, and perhaps exchange modest gifts?

Chanukah’s simplicity is what makes it beautiful. There are so many ways to make the holiday our own. can help you discover eight rituals, centered around eight themes of Chanukah.

For disabled children, books featuring other disabled people — mirrors — where kids see and read about people similar to them helps them identify with the characters and can play a role in boosting self-image. These books convey the positive message that there are many children like them.

A bit about our own family background: Bubbie Ida Paperny, Ron’s maternal grandmother, lived in the kitchen. She also loved in the kitchen. She loved when her four daughters helped her cook up a huge family Shabbat or holiday meal.

Micrography is a centuries-old Jewish art form using tiny written words to make decorative pictures. A highly skilled micrography artist might write the entire biblical book of Jonah in the shape of a whale or the book of Esther in the shape of a crown.